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Mystic Blacksmith

Inspired by the popular game GunBound, I initially only wanted to make a simple game with destructable terrain. It then evolved into an online, multiplayer tank fighting game with persistent stats, a virtual currency, and completely customizable weapons and tanks.

Players are given their choice between one of three starting tanks, a default armorment, and a handful of starting "metal" (the in-game currency). They join rooms and fight other players (up to eight players per match), earning additional metal for skilled shots, kills, and winning. That metal is then used to purchase schematics for new tanks, for crafting new weapons, or upgrading existing ones.

Occasionally, players earn Power Gems (in-game premium currency) while playing. Power Gems can be embued into existing weaponry to bestow a random combination of Enchantments, such as Fire, Ice, or Lightning.

Between crafting unique weaponry and customizing the layout of each tank, each player can craft his own experience to his own particular play style.

The client was build on Flash 10.2 / Actionscript 3.0. The server was written in Java on the RedDwarf server core.

Doober Doober Panic!

This "game in a day" was initially done as sort of a joke. One of my clleagues said that as long as a game had a lot of clicking and big points, users would love it. In Doober Doober Panic!, penguins are dropped into the arena and build up their "Doober Charge". If the user clicks a penguin at charge-level one, the penguin sneezes out a single piece of sushi. At charge-level two, three pieces of sushi. At level three, it sneezes out a whole new penguin.

Clicking on sushi will drop it into the gian Pachinko board beneath the arena, and will earn the user big points depending on which slot it drops into.

However, the evil monkeys have a plan to stop the penguin proliferation and players point profiteering. They are added to the stage at slowly increasing intervals, and when they come into contact with a penguin (or shoot them with eye lasers!), their Doober Charge is reduced by one level, or killing it if the penguin's charge is already at level zero. And, as everybody knows, penguins are made mostly of highly combustable matter, so when they die, they explode, causing the glass floor of the arena to shatter, decreasing the total walking area.

Everybody Physics

I wanted to play with the RedDwarf server platform, and I thought a simple "The Incredible Machine"-like physics sim sounded like fun, so I combined them like chocolate and peanut butter, forming "Everybody Physics".

This real-time multiplayer game lets users cooperate to layout Rube Goldbergian contraptions using the array of physics toys in the toolbox. At any time, any player can begin the simulation and watch the physics unfold without disturbing the other players.

Kirby TV Channel

To quote Destructiod:

Today (06.23.2011) Wii users in Europe can download a free all-Kirby TV channel. Aww!

This channel will feature over 50 episodes of the Kirby TV show, and will be updated twice a week over a six month period. Four streaming episodes will be available at a time, says VG24/7. Every week, two new episodes will become available - one on a Monday and one on a Thursday, and will be available to view for two weeks before being archived. Episode 1 is always up.

Again, Europe. Not getting the channel here in the US sucks harder than...well, Kirby.

Facebook Town Sim

A very technologically advanced game, the Town Sim has many advanced features not seen in a standard "Ville"-clone. While the premise is familiar (the player is given a starting town, means to earn funds, and the direction to build and expand the town), the game focuses around the Town's Arcade. The player can visit the Arcade and play any of the Arcade Games (Flash games that have implemented the Arcade API) and earn in-game currency based on their performance.

However, the Town itself can generate revenue as well, making the Arcade a fundamental, but not required, feature. As more citizens move in, the player must balance Happiness with Commercial interests, with the goal being optimal revenue from commercial businesses build in the town.

In addition to in-game commerce, there is a player-to-player commerce system as well. Each Arcade Game has in-game consumable items which can either be purchased directly from the Arcade game while playing (using the Town's currency), or can be built at a Factory in Town. Items built in a Factory are much cheaper, but take time to create. These items can either be used by the player, or can be put up for sale in the Storefront, allowing vising players to purchase them, and creating a player-to-player marketplace.

Balloon Burst

A simple game in itself, shoot the balloons to achieve a high score and collect new costume pieces and weapons, the real point was to test the integration with the Facebook Town Sim Arcade API. This game is fully integrated into the Town Sim project, meaning that it shows up in the Town's Arcade, produces Coins for the player, and has in-game Items which can be built by the player in the Town.

This game was developed in parallel with the Town Sim to support the Arcade aspect of the project.


Take one part Wheel of Fortune and two parts Peggle, and you've got "Wordle!" Wordle the Turtle can't remember everything he used to know, so you must help him remember by playing peggle-like games to solve world problems.

Critter Crossing

Critter Crossing is an AS3 recoded, reskinned, and polished version of hiLights below.

Critter Crossing is an addictive puzzle game that challenges the player to beat each level in as few moves as possible. Levels progressively get harder as new Critters are introduced, and the puzzle complexity grows.


hiLights is a fun and addictive puzzle game that challenges the player to beat each level in as few moves as possible. Levels progressively get harder as new hiLighter colors are introduced, and the puzzles' complexity grows.

BBC iPlayer Channel

From Wikipedia:

Wii access to the iPlayer was interrupted in April 9, 2008, when an update to the Opera Browser turned out to be incompatible with the iPlayer. BBC chose not to make the iPlayer compatible with the upgrade. This was resolved on November 18, 2009 when they released the BBC iPlayer Channel, allowing easier access to the iPlayer.

BBC now offers a free, dedicated Wii channel version of their iPlayer application which is only available in the UK.


A twist on the standard Match-3 forumula, instead of matching rows and colums, match the coloured gems along the radial spokes.

Farkle Fighter

When throwing dice just isn't enough, turn to Farkle Fighter and combine your farkle-skills with the fighting style of eight different combatents, each with three Super Moves! Play against the computer, or online versus friends.

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm

From IGN:

Battle 40-foot waves, storms, ice and a nearly 100-percent crew member injury rate in the dangerous hunt for undersea riches on the Bering Sea with the videogame based on the hit Discovery Channel series. The game lets gamers captain their own boat in the frenzied search for an undersea jackpot. Players select one of five real crab boats, including the Northwestern, Cornelia Marie and Sea Star -- all featured on the series, or create and customize their own boat. Gamers then recruit and lead their own crew from a roster of twenty real crab fishermen. Selecting the wrong boat or recruiting the wrong crew member can mean the difference between landing a Bering Sea jackpot or disaster. Lead your fatigued, hungry and hardworking crew in the strategic search for King Crab and Opilio Crab, while battling to secure your catch and livelihood before other captains and crews get to the crab first.

Drawn to Life

From IGN:

A dying village, embraced by everlasting winter, has cried out to you, the Creator, for assistance. The remaining inhabitants of the village need you to bring back all their lost possessions such as the sun, moon, fruit trees, fish, rain clouds, plants, animals and much more!

Players can draw their own characters which then come to life and become playable characters in the game! In Challenge Mode, run, jump and fight their way through an exciting side-scrolling adventure. In Village Mode, take a break from the action and hang out in your village to watch your creations interact with the townsfolk, scenery and other Creations. Advance through an entertaining story, and restore your Village to greatness.